Timing is everything.

Identify leads when they are ready to buy

Get warm leads that are looking for your services based on real-time events

Increase your sales conversion

B2B sales teams only convert 1 out of 50 leads into an opportunity because most sales prospecting emails reach customers either before or after the buying window.

Leadgence’s AI powered prospecting engine detects and surfaces prospective customers as they enter the buying window, increasing conversion by an average of 200%.

Save valuable time

Sales reps spend up to 25% of their time identifying customers in the buying window.

Leadgence’s Artificial Intelligence engine scans 3 Billion data points per month, identifying and delivering warm leads straight into your team’s inbox; Your team only works on warm prospects.

Improve your brand perception

Addressing buyers outside the buying window can hurt your company’s brand and get tagged as ‘spam’.

Leadgence provides sales prospects that are highly likely to be in the buying window, creating a better buying experience for your customers.

How we are different

Warm Leads

Identify events that indicate intent to buy

Largest Data Coverage
Draw data from the internet and multiple data sources
No Integration

Get started quickly with zero integration

Fits Any Business

Identify intent for services and technology products

Accurate Identification

Identifying the buying company doesn’t rely on IP

Email Personalization Data
Produce data for automatic cold-email personalization

Let’s increase conversion rates

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