Timing is everything. Identify leads when they are ready to buy

Get warm leads who are looking for your services based on real-time events


Increase Sales Conversion Rate

No more sending out thousands of prospecting emails and expecting a 1% conversion rate!

Using Leadgence’s AI powered prospecting engine, we will detect and suggest prospective customers when they show indications they are looking for a service like yours.


Save Valuable Time

Focus the time and energy of your sales team on the prospects that will most likely convert.

Leadgence interprets thousands of signals and translates them into buying events relevant for your specific industry and company.

So your sales team receives warm leads straight into their inbox.

Comprehensive and Accurate

Never settle again!

Leadgence crawls the whole internet, social media and closed databases to discover buying events with company details.

To ensure accuracy, we mix technology and people to achieve the best possible results.


How It Works

The Internet + social media + closed data sources

Big data classification and AI engine processing

Target list of companies

List enriched with contact details of relevant decision maker

Why Leadgence?

Warm Leads

Identifies events that indicate intent to buy

Largest data coverage

Draws data from across the web and multiple other data sources

Ease of use

Warm leads straight to your inbox

Fits any type of businesses

Whether you sell a service or a product - Leadgence is for you

Accurately identify the buyer

Does not rely on IP address for company identification

Email personalization data

Data for automatic cold-email personalization

Supported Industries

Financial services

Get high quality leads that are likely to convert and pass the vetting process

Recruitment Agencies

Get leads of companies that are looking to hire in your industry and area of expertise


Get leads when they understand they need a solution in your product's space

Ready to start making more money?