Improving ROI at every touchpoint through insights from dynamic data

Your Dynamic Data Experts

In 2019, a sales expert and a data expert identified a critical gap in the market: accurate, actionable data on SMBs.

Leetal and Sergey founded Leadgence to serve customers like them – committed to using data to identify a customer’s likelihood to convert.

Having the power of Leadgence’s dynamic data, customers began using it in other customer-facing functions and our vision expanded to cover every touchpoint between an enterprise and the SMBs it serves.

Data that paints a full picture

Our continuous intelligence engine
connects hundreds of data sources to
create a unified view of a company.

Our unparalleled in-depth NanoData™
tagging system and overlays cutting-edge
AI to create TempoData™ – highlighting
real-time indications of opportunities
throughout the customer life cycle.

The Leadgence Team

Our company culture makes us a TRUE partner to the businesses we serve:





Data-driven to the core, we are passionate about our mission: to provide data that makes businesses thrive.

As a team, we work tirelessly to innovate and bring the best products to our customers, which in turn helps their customers succeed.

Today, Leadgence is a fast-growing, VC-backed company with employees in 3 continents and counting.

The Founders

Leetal Gruper​

CEO & Co-founder

Prior to co-founding Leadgence, Leetal headed the sales and ops teams at Q Technologies and Worldpay (largest payments company in the world) and consulted companies on sales best practices with Bain & Co. She holds an MBA from London Business School and a BSc in computer engineering from the Technion.

Sergey Bahchissaraitsev

CTO & Co-founder

Prior to co-founding Leadgence, Sergey consulted international tech companies about data infrastructure and distributed data processing, was a data expert for Oracle, and built large scale data processes for the largest tech unit of the Israeli Defence Forces.

It’s all about the people.

Help businesses thrive.
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Capture the SMB market

Let us show you what continuous intelligence can do for you. Enter your details to schedule a demo.

Capture the SMB market

Let us show you what continuous intelligence can do for you. Enter your details to schedule a demo.

    "The 3 months pilot paid itself in just 3 weeks. Sales and retention teams now start every Tuesday refreshing their SalesForce to get the latest Leadgence data."
    Aimee Gill
    VP Commercial Development