About Leadgence

Leadgence improves B2B sales conversion by providing warm leads

Our mission

To bring the best warm leads to B2B companies and make lead generation simple, efficient and cost-effective.

We believe a well-oiled lead generation machine should be something any B2B business, big or small, can easily achieve.


An introduction

Leadgence was born in 2018 from the challenges our co-founders experienced finding high-quality warm leads for their previous start-up.

They came up with a solution to create their own lead generation machine based on big-data "buying event" recognition. When their sales targets always asked - "how did you know I needed this product now?" - Sergey and Leetal knew they had something big on their hands.

Meet the founders


Leetal Gruper

CEO and Co-founder


Sergey Bahchissaraitsev

CTO and Co-founder

It's all about the people

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