Successful churn reduction strategies rely on powerful data insight.

Discover the world of External Customer Data

Customer Success teams facing fierce competition need to find ‘secret weapons’ to outplay rivals. Using external data to have a deeper understanding of customers is one such ‘secret weapon’.

Using NanoData™ to speed up KYC

Lengthy KYC process? Not anymore!

Leverage NanoData™ to identify sole proprietors, out of country owners and other tough to crack cases, speeding up the KYC process and reducing the risk of early attrition.

Leverage TempoData™ to identify changes in customer needs

Your customers are constantly evolving their business, sometimes without you even knowing, exposing you to potential churn.  

Using TempoData™ helps you keep up with recent customer events, enabling you to proactively adapt your service offering, and reduce the risk of churn.

How we are different

Industry specific configuration and signals
High-resolution tagging and classification
Covering Small to Mid-Market businesses
No Integration
Covering EU and North America

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