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Leadgence’s AI powered prospecting engine detects and surfaces prospective customers as they enter the buying window, increasing conversion by an average of 200%.

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Merchant Service
Get to businesses that need to take payments now
Specific buying events for eCom and POS sales
& Benefits
Identify businesses with new coverage needs
Buying events for insurance & employee benefits solutions
Find growing businesses that are likely to be approved
Specific buying events for business expansion loans
Target companies with rapidly growing eCommerce needs
Specific buying events for eCommerce solutions

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Merchant Service Payments

The competition for every business looking to take payments is becoming fierce. Aggregators are dominating the lead generation field and selling every lead to 5 different providers, resulting in a low conversion rate.

With Leadgence for Merchant Services you can get to the customer before they start shopping around.

Whether you are looking to grow your POS customers or focus on eCommerce customers, Leadgence specializes in events and buying indications for merchant services.

Insurance & Benefits

As businesses evolve, every milestone (opening and new office/ location, expanding into a new business line, adding employees) requires them to re-evaluate their insurance needs.

With Leadgence for Insurance and Benefits you can get to the customer before they start actively looking.


Business Loans

Finding customers who have a likely high approval rate and need a business loan to grow is always challenging.

With Leadgence for business loan providers you can get to your best converting customer when they need a loan but have not started shopping around.

eCommerce Solutions

In today’s eCommerce market, every company is able to build online presence, but few become rising Ecom stars.

With Leadgence for eCommerce Solutions, you can identify companies with early, strong growth momentum and target them as they start looking for vendors to upgrade their infrastructure.

We provide leads for the following services: shopping carts, web development, web security, web hosting and more.


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