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Converting marketing vision into targeted sales

Let Leadgence’s high-resolution buying intent data power your sales and marketing

Target your sweet spot audience

Go beyond just SIC, NAICS and MCC codes.

With Leadgence’s high-resolution tagging system you can create highly targeted lists that bring you the highest lifetime value and lowest cost of acquisition. Then, use our data to create highly personalized outbound campaigns and enrich inbound traffic.

Worried about stale data? Not with us! Our weekly full data refresh ensures the data is dynamically updated to reflect the latest tags for every company.

Tell me more about buying intent
Tell me more about the industries you service
I’m curious to see what the data look like

A Forbes research shows that 40% of marketers report personalization efforts have had a direct impact on maximizing sales and profits

Tell me more about buying intent
Tell me more about the industries you service
I’m curious to see what the data look like

Uncover prospects before they shop around

When your potential client is researching solutions online, you are too late. You want to approach the businesses when they are experiencing a pain you are solving.

Leadgence’s industry specific buying intent engine scans and analyzes hundreds of data points of external data to identify prospects in the buying window before everybody else.

Supercharge your lead routing and prioritization with external data

Still servicing every inbound lead as if they are all the same? Do you want to know, before speaking with the client, if they are a micro business or a 200 people organization so you can spend time where it counts?

Seamlessly enrich your leads with external high-resolution data to make lead routing and prioritization decisions.
“Leadgence enables us to grow our pipeline with high-value customers in our sweet-spot that gave us great ROI. They helped us respond very quickly to unexpected changes in the market and target businesses with whom we had a greater competitive advantage.”

Dan Terner
Chief Revenue Officer

How we are different

Industry specific configuration and signals
High-resolution tagging and classification
Covering Small to Mid-Market businesses
No Integration
Covering EU and North America

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