3 Rules to identify high growth, low risk SMBs

The 3 rules from leading insurance companies for zooming in on high-growth, low-risk SMBs

With 30.7 million small businesses in the U.S. alone, the SMB space represents a tremendous market opportunity. 

And every single one of those businesses needs insurance coverage! 

However, the massive size of the market also means it’s highly competitive, putting further pressure on insurance companies to discover in real-time the need for updating or acquiring new insurance coverage among SMBs.

Growing SMB insurance sales depends on a fundamental understanding of where to focus and how to adapt in order to be more relevant, accessible, and affordable. This requires knowledge about the market signals and competitive insights on SMBs, and the ability to translate them into tangible products, satisfactory services, and easy interactions for the clients. 

SMBs have a number of characteristics that commonly create barriers to their take-up of insurance products, making them, in general, time-poor, price-sensitive, and skeptical customers. 

To be successful in selling to this audience, you need to adopt best practices that will increase sales efficiency, reduce customer acquisition costs, and increase life-time value. 

In short – you need to start growing your bottom line.


The 3 rules every insurance SMB sales team must know

  1. Segment and analyse the market-fit for coverage and products to clearly define the ideal customers segments for a specific insurance offering;

  2. Characterise the ideal customer life-cycle and identify change events that are indicative of  a  need for a specific product or coverage; 

  3. Find businesses that fit your ICP and identify the trigger that signals the right time to reach out with the right offer.

Accomplishing these tasks manually requires a lengthy and tedious process of gathering the data intelligence you need to succeed. However, with the right tool, you can receive daily alerts on businesses in need of coverage based on your predefined criteria directly in your inbox. 


Let Smart data do the work for you

Smart data allows you to track events that are insightful and actionable in real-time, which in turn triggers an action from your team.

Here are some examples of real-time events that are tracked by Leadgence customers in the insurance industry:





What do these real-time events, or triggers, look like for a SMB?

Case study 1 – ALERT: General liability coverage needs updating!



Straight Line is a California-based artisan construction company.

Services offered: Roofing, Siding, Gutters


The business added financing options as a new service, which indicates a change in need for general liability coverage.




Case study 2 – ALERT: New business opportunity!




Wellness Infusion Specialists announced the opening of its first clinic in Texas on Sept. 11. 

Company was formed March 25 with two co-owners.


The new physical location indicates the need for insurance, which is an opportunity for a new account. 




Case study 3 – ALERT: professional liability insurance needs updating!





A fast-growing law firm of 150-200 employees.

Has up-to-date certification by Solicitors regulation Authority.

The firm has seen 30%+ YoY growth in FTE, Recently, it started hiring partners in the Netherlands. 

This international expansion indicates the need for updating the company’s professional liability insurance. 



Work Smarter, not Harder


Leadgence leverages smart data by using a system of “tags” and “triggers” to regularly monitor SMBs and compile relevant data with a focus on significant changes and events in a company’s lifecycle. 


  • “Tags” – labeled data for easy segmentation of target market using  industry-specific tags, ranging from broad segmentation to very narrow parameters, depending on your specific campaign or business needs. 

  • ‘Triggers’ – an early warning signal for events and changes happening in real time, which are indicative of a need for your services or products. Having a knowledge of triggers in your target market gives you a first-mover advantage in allocating marketing and sales efforts.



“Leadgence gives us a first mover advantage over the incumbent broker. Using their data, we are able to show on the very first reach-out that we understand the prospect’s business at an unbelievable scale!” M. C Divisional Director, Head of New Business

Leadgence provides users with a unique and powerful advantage over traditional methods of data collection and analysis: 


  • Up-to-date, accurate, and actionable SMB data – based on more than 3 billion data sets collected regularly from various online sources – provides users the intelligence they need to discover both new and growing segments. 


  • Early detection using AI and data intelligence to zoom in and dedicate resources to fast growing targets, and identify new growing segments before competition.


See how Smart Data can point you in the right direction – Contact us today!

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